What’s new in v9.3.0 (January 22, 2024)#

New Features#

  • Custom website application: Create a custom website tailored to your preferences, allowing you to build your online presence from scratch.

  • Import/Export feature: Seamlessly import and export orders, offers, repairs, and entrusts. Manage your data efficiently with these new capabilities.

  • Stock management: Introduced a convenient “Confirm/remove stock” button on the order details page for streamlined stock management.

  • Assigned to information: Now view the assigned tos directly on the order details page for improved task tracking.

  • Tooltips: Improved user experience by incorporating tooltip icons across various pages, providing contextual information.


  • Shipping label form update: Enhanced the shipping label form by adding a contact field, ensuring accurate shipping information.

  • Certificate template update: Refined the certificate’s functionality and aesthetics.

  • Configuration UI enhancements: Revamped the design of configuration sections, including user, business, division, marketplace, roles, API keys, and settings.

  • Repair form enhancement: Updated repair forms with additional fields like assigned to and product, providing more comprehensive details.

  • Timesheet filter enhancement: Improved the timesheet filter with an added option for tracking invoiced entries.

As always, we’re committed to continually improving our ERP system to serve you better. We appreciate your feedback as we continue to enhance our software.