What’s new in v8.0.5 (June 13, 2023)#

New Features#

  • Customizable Product Label: We’re excited to announce that you can now fully customize and edit your product labels directly from the interface, offering greater flexibility in product management.

  • Side Menu Categories: We’ve improved navigation by categorizing the side menu. This will make browsing through different sections much easier.

  • Workflow Trigger for Fully Paid Orders: You can now automate your operations better with our new workflow trigger, which gets activated whenever an order or repair is completely paid.

  • Improved Mobile Design for Todo Dashboard: We have enhanced the design of the todo dashboard on mobile for an improved user experience.


  • Refactored Setup Templates: We’ve streamlined our initial setup templates by removing redundancy, and improved the setup flow to provide a smoother, more user-friendly experience.

  • Enhanced Order Item Form: The form now has improved error validation to help prevent mistakes and save time.

  • Language Localization for Signup: We’ve improved the signup process to automatically detect and use the user’s language when registering from the website.

  • Product Creation Form: We’ve revamped the form for creating new products, making it cleaner and more powerful.

  • Improved Translations: We’ve enhanced the translations for Dutch and French for a more localized experience.

  • Improved Prospecting App: As always, we’ve made a series of improvements to our Prospecting App, increasing its effectiveness.

Bug Fixes#

  • Email Open Notification: A bug that failed to register when a contact opened a mail has been fixed.

  • Product Pricing Display Bug: A display issue that showed numbers with 5 decimals instead of 2 in the product pricing section has been fixed.

  • Incoming Invoice Company Selection: We’ve fixed a bug that made it impossible to choose the company in the incoming invoice section.

As always, we’re committed to continually improving our ERP system to serve you better. We appreciate your feedback and patience as we continue to enhance our software.