What’s new in v8.0.3 (May 19, 2023)#

New Features#

  • Attention Needed Alerts: We’ve introduced a new feature to help you keep track of all urgent tasks. A new section on your dashboard will now highlight any Offers/Orders/Repairs/Entrusts due within three days or past due. Offers created more than 14 days ago will also appear here.

  • Shipping Label Insurance Value: For extra peace of mind when shipping, you can now add an insurance value to your shipping labels. This will make tracking high-value shipments easier and assist in making insurance claims.


  • Prospecting App Enhancements: You’ll find our updated Prospecting app more user-friendly and effective to use.

  • Theme Display Improvements: We’ve fixed an issue affecting how dropdowns were displayed in our dark and light modes, improving your overall user experience.

Bug Fixes#

  • Certificate Display Issue: We’ve addressed a problem that was preventing certificates from showing on the contact page. Now, you’ll see them as intended.

  • Email Open Notification: We’ve fixed an issue that made it difficult to know if an email sent through our system had been opened. Now, you can monitor your sent emails with confidence.

As always, we value your feedback and thank you for your patience as we continue to improve your ERP system.