What’s new in v9.0.0 (December 15, 2023)#

New Features#

  • Agenda dashboard: Explore the all-new Agenda dashboard, offering a central hub for managing your scheduled events and activities. Connect it to your Google Calendar for a seamless experience.

  • Import/export feature on listviews: Easily manage your data with the new import/export feature on listviews. Effortlessly update, add, or export information with just a few clicks.

  • Ibanity integration: We’ve partnered with Ibanity to enhance the accuracy and reliability of your transaction data. Automatically fetch transaction data from your bank account.

  • Dashboard widgets and charts: Discover new and improved widgets and charts on the dashboard, providing real-time insights into your latest orders, offers, repairs, entrusts, and incoming/outgoing invoices.

  • Gmail API integration: Now, communication and collaboration are even more seamless with our Gmail API integration. Stay connected effortlessly.

  • Giftcard feature: Introducing a brand-new Giftcard feature, offering additional options for both merchants and customers.


  • User guide walkthrough: We’ve enhanced our user guide walkthrough to make it even more user-friendly and informative. Navigate the system with confidence and ease.

  • Enhanced Order Item Form: The form now has improved error validation to help prevent mistakes and save time.

  • Magic search feature: Experience the power of the improved magic search feature for quick, efficient, and intuitive searches. Find what you need effortlessly.

As always, we’re committed to continually improving our ERP system to serve you better. We appreciate your feedback as we continue to enhance our software.