MikroPakket Integration#

Thanks to this integration, you will be able to generate MikroPakket labels. Easily create and track labels/shipments.

How to connect MikroPakket to Gem-Logic?#

To connect Gem-Logic and MikroPakket, you need to request your API keys with MikroPakket. You can send a mail to the customer service with your custome details and they will provide you with the API keys.

You will need to add these keys to Gem-Logic. You can do so by going to the settings page, and then going to the API tab.


Here you will be able to add you API Keys. Click on the “Add API Key” button and the click on the MikroPakket logo in the popup.


Then you should fill out the form with your API keys, and other details.


Once you have correctly filled out the form, you are ready to start creating labels.

Follow the guide here to see how to create labels: :ref