Transactions are financial statements that your company generates.

You can have incoming transactions (payments made by customers) and outgoing transactions (payments you make to suppliers).

Transaction can be done in multiple ways:
  • cash

  • credit card

  • bank transfer

  • bank card

  • gift card

It’s important to register these transactions, as it gives you a clear financial view of your company’s day to day expenses and payments.

How to get there#

In order to get to the transactions list, you can click on the transactions link in the accounting menu in the left menu.


Order transactions#

When a customer places an order and makes a payment, you can add the transaction directly on the order of the customer.


After clicking on “Add transaction”, a popup will show with the transaction form. Here you can add all the information about the transaction:


In this example you can see that the client payed 100€ in cash. You can also see the outstanding amount of 23€ in the transactions block, which gives you a quick view on how much the client still has to pay.


Giftcards transactions#

Gem Logic also provides a way to handle giftcards. Please check out the giftcards sections for more information.